Wardrobe Declutter Tips

As someone who loves clothes and shopping I do actually have a fairly small wardrobe so I need to be careful with how I fill it. Also as we are moving house (hopefully) soon so I am trying to declutter in preparation. Here are a few of my tips in how you can refresh your wardrobe.

Time to tackle this head on! Firstly give yourself a day to do it or you’ll never get it done properly. Make yourself a cup of tea and get started!

Be realistic

Start going through your items and separate anything not worn in the last two years into a pile to get rid of. Be honest with yourself, are you really going to wear those boots that are too tight again?

Separate your favourites

Start grouping together things that are similar, white shirts, blue jeans, grey sweatshirts etc. These are the things that you probably wear the most so think about reducing these into a capsule wardrobe, which means a few key items that can be teamed with pretty much anything else all year round. I’m not suggesting have just one of everything, but maybe you could have just two white shirts instead of six!

Consider lifestyle

Think about your day-to-day lifestyle, for instance do you have a corporate job? If so then you may want to keep your work items separate from your weekend items. If you’re a new mum you might want to keep breastfeeding and baby friendly pieces separate from your LBD. By creating sections in your wardrobe picking things out on a daily basis will be easier.

Sell your unwanted items

Take a look at anything that’s still in pretty good condition from your unwanted pile and try selling it on Ebay or at a car boot sale. That way you may even make a bit of cash to reinvest in new pieces. Good luck everyone! I would love to here if you have any tips of your own for decluttering?

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