Play room inspiration

Putting together some ideas for the play room at the moment ahead of our house move, as toy storage is key! There's just so many toys! Both my daughters have winter birthdays either side of Christmas so there's always an influx of toys that need new homes.

In our home at the moment the girls share a bedroom and they have a play room downstairs which is a through room between our kitchen and living room, so trying to keep it a tidy family space is always a challenge. When we move (fingers crossed) we are going to use the separate dining room as a play room that's dedicated to the girls. So a clever storage system is needed! I'm thinking probably those cube storage units which is great to keep baskets of small toys and has surface space on top, as well as some larger baskets that the girls already have to house barbies, dolls and fancy dress! Ultimately the space is them to play but there's no reason it can't be stylish.

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