A new venture

A new venture

Photography by Margarita Karenko

It’s really daunting to make a decision to go it alone career wise, whether that’s to go freelance or to start your own business. Whatever lies ahead is extremely exciting but also scary with lots to consider, like the financial aspect how will you afford to live, what sacrifices will you have to make to keep your business a float etc. At the same time if the idea of breaking away from your current job is all you can think about, then I think you’ve got to take the risk or you may regret it if you don’t at least try.

I suppose this is how I was feeling during my mat leave, I really loved my job and actually was in a good place in my career, but I had this niggling thought that now would be the right time to try something on my own. I knew I always wanted to work for myself at some point and did always think I would have a shop or boutique selling vintage which is why I opened the Etsy shop. After lots of conversations with Matt and financial discussions, he urged me to go for it and give it try. So I opened the shop and that was it, I didn’t really have any strategy or plan for a bigger picture as I was just figuring it out as I went along.

Whilst continuing to learn about running a business and getting into blogging lots of ideas were sparking in my head about what I actually wanted to do. It’s always come back to fashion and something I always wanted to do was styling, I’ve done bits and pieces of styling on test shoots and interning and assisting as well as some customer styling in retail jobs. I thought I could expand on my business by offering a personal styling service, so that’s when I started looking at courses and came up with this blog.

I’ve almost completed my course in Fashion Styling which I’m studying online at my own pace from the British College of Professional Styling. The course covers lots of areas from personal styling and colour analysis to editorial fashion and costume design for TV and film. My original plan was to have a personal styling business as I think this is something I would enjoy, I love working with people and shopping is definitely no trouble for me! What I’m trying to say in this post is that sometimes your initial business idea can evolve and change as you do, but that’s ok and I think it’s healthy to mix things up once in a while. In this age of flexible working individuals who become entrepreneurs often have multiple businesses to supplement each other. I’m still learning as I go, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing and have no regrets! Are you thinking of taking on a new venture?

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