Bedroom inspiration

Bedroom inspiration

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Next on the list is our bedroom which we’ll probably only make a few small changes in here as we don’t really have the budget to redecorate completely. The room has a lot of natural light, so I want to make the most of that and make sure the room is calm, airy and relaxing, using pastel tones and maybe some greenery. The bedroom currently has one very dark grey wall, and a painted grey window sill along with a grey blind. I can’t wait to eliminate this grey from the room, it will make it so much brighter and bigger once it’s painted white. Luckily the rest of the walls are white along with some plain white built in wardrobes. We did consider knocking them out, but they are quite handy for storage at the moment. We are also going to upcycle our chest of drawers which we had painted dark grey but the paint got scratched in the move so we are going to paint it a light duck egg colour. The chest of drawers has mismatched handles but I want to use these handles on the wardrobes in Stella’s room (also built in) so I’m looking for either cream or gold handles to replace them with. 

We don’t really need to add any more furniture at the moment, the beautiful mirrored french wardrobe that we had in our last bedroom, is a bit too big to fit in the bedroom along with the fitted wardrobes so that’s now sitting in my office room. Although the room is bigger than out last bedroom the layout is slightly awkward because of the built in wardrobes, so instead of the extra wardrobe I’ve added the velvet tub chair that we had in our old living room. Look forward to revealing the new room soon!

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  1. Helen Wightman
    10th August 2017 / 7:53 pm

    Can not wait to see the pics of the new bedroom Nic, sounds inspiring with all the pastels and upcycling of your furniture, enjoy creating your perfect bedroom!

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