Living room inspiration

Living room inspiration

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We’ve been in our new home for just over a month now and things are settling in nicely. We’ve had a few little issues with the internet and boiler and sadly, you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram that one of our cats has gone missing. ¬†Hopefully he’ll turn up at some point, he may even be finding his way back to our old house, which my in-laws are now living in so they’re also on the look out. Aside from that we’ve been busy unpacking and planning what we want to do in each room. My home office is pretty much done so I’ll be sharing that soon, next on the list is the living room.

Our last living room was being taken over by Stella’s toys, but now we have a more open plan space for a play and living area and a separate living room. The room itself needs little doing to it, the only thing we need to paint is the chimney breast which is¬†dark grey, the rest of the room is white and has lots of natural light, something that was lacking from our home before. Two things on my husband’s wish list for the new living room was an armchair and a log burner. We’re going to look into the log burner and we agreed he could have a leather armchair and I’ll have a velvet sofa, something that was on my wish list! We have two leather sofas currently so we’re going to change it up for an eclectic feel. We’ve already changed the light fitting and added our white chandelier that was in our bedroom. Also I love gold so I want to add a few gold accents; I seem to have built up quite a collection of gold pineapples so I’m going to distribute them around the house, the downstairs loo currently looks like a pineapple shrine! I wouldn’t say there’s a particular theme for the living room, bit of a mix of vintage and modern; I’ll look forward to sharing on the blog once we’ve completed it.

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