A new office space

A new office space

Now that the girls are sharing a bedroom it made sense to create a new workspace in the box room; especially with more work being done from home it made sense to free up a corner in the play room and have a working space that was separate. We had to move Stella’s old daybed in here as we had no room for it anywhere else so I just added cushions to make it into more of a sofa. We kept the chest of drawers that were originally in here and I was thinking about changing the room into a dressing room with a mirror and use the drawers to store all my jewellery and accessories but then it was becoming a bit too multi-functional for such a small room office so we kept it to a study. I have a few of my bags hung on the back of the door but that’s about it.

There was not much we could do in terms of changing things round as we had to factor in the daybed so it could only go on the one wall. I like the desk in the corner under the shelves which were in here previously and the drawers fit neatly next to it. The desk is Habitat and has been one of my best buys, it’s been so versatile as it’s quite compact but the shelf underneath is great for hiding things away. The room is nice and bright so it’s nice to have the desk next to the window.

Pretty much everything in this room are things that I already had, so the room updates had no cost, the only thing I may buy now is some artwork to go on the wall above the daybed as it looks a little plain as it is. The artwork propped up is a print which I bought from John Lewis years ago, but I moved it from the living room as I just thought the colours went perfectly in here.




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