Girls Room

Girls Room

We’ve had a bit of a room shuffle at home, I mean what else is there to do? Beatrix was ready to leave the cot and go into a bed and Stella was desperate for them to share a room, so instead of getting a toddler bed we got them bunk beds. So I thought I would share an interior update with the girls new shared bedroom. We haven’t bought anything new apart from the bunk beds from Argos¬†which are great as they can also change into two single beds for when they get older.

With the girls sharing, I wanted to transfer all of Beatrix’s things into the bedroom, so we moved the mirrored wardrobe into the corner and used the second built in wardrobe for storage space for toys. As you can see they have lots of toys between them so fitting them all in took some organising; I still need to declutter a few more as they have a lot downstairs. Boxes and baskets are great for under bed storage and I used one of those drawstring play mats to hang up soft toys to free up some floor space. I may add some artwork to wall and possibly get a larger rug to finish off the room, but so far the girls are really enjoying sharing.

We moved the Ikea daybed that Stella had originally into the the box room, I’m not sure what this room will be yet, probably an office space (as it was before, you can see that here) or maybe a dressing room. Will be sure to post an update soon!

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