How my interior style has changed

How my interior style has changed

Over the years I have loved experimenting with interior style, I’m obsessed with home improvement and design TV shows and very much enjoy rearranging shelves and books and rooms to achieve the most visual pleasing display. The current climate means we are spending more time in our homes and want to make them as comfortable and stylish as possible. After recently sorting out the rooms upstairs as the girls are now sharing a bedroom I have come across various decorative pieces and trinkets that I have owned and some never really unpacked from when we moved in here 3 years ago!

When I first moved in with Matt and our friend Anthony, the house certainly had lots of male elements to it. We lived in a small two bed terraced house and the colours and decor were quite dark. As time went on we had a renovation to create a bigger kitchen and updated the bathroom, it was a big project and the chance to really start a fresh with interior ideas.

I always loved vintage style, we had a country style kitchen so I used floral jugs and vintage pieces to create shelf displays and collected vintage plates to create a plate wall. I loved bird cages and faux flowers so often used them in corners and on shelves. We used to live right next to a high street with lots of charity shops so I collected a lot of second hand furniture which I then painted.

I’m also a fan of Scandi style decor, the bold geometic prints, less clutter and a clean finish appealed, although by no means have I ever been minimalist. Today I think my taste is a mix of many styles; I’m a huge a fan of bold and bright interiors that look modern yet I love little vintage touches from retro vases to statement pieces like bar carts and trunks.

When it comes to interiors I say mix things up and keep it fresh. If you want to change something or try something completely different to your usual style then give it go! I’m sure lockdown has influenced many to revamp their homes.

Here’s a few of my favourite pieces that reflect my style.

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