Creating Gallery Walls

Creating Gallery Walls

For many years now I’ve loved putting gallery walls together for my home. In our last home I even managed to squeeze in one under the stairs. I love that you can be as creative as you like; whether you stick to a uniform of black and white frames and prints or you want a mix of colourful artwork and family photos. Don’t feel you need to fill the entire wall – that can look amazing but a select few pieces of three or four can also be very eye catching.

For me I’m quite happy to add plenty of colour to my home, so a mix of quirky prints, different frame styles and sizes works with my style. I’m not too precious about measuring out in detail where prints are going I like to start a gallery wall and see how it grows. However, if I do have a collection of prints I want to hang in one go then I’ll usually lay them out on the floor first.

If you don’t want to go knocking a million holes in the wall then use sticky hooks or heavy duty Velcro, as long as it’s not too heavy it should be fine.

Finally, get creative yourself and create some art of your own, be it a favourite quote or a family pet at least it’ll be an original piece. Hope you’ve been inspired to create your own gallery wall.

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