Time for Texture

Time for Texture

This season it’s all about bringing those fabrics together and mixing them with basic pieces to create a great look for everyday style. As a mum, dressing up and going out is a rarity but I still love all those beautiful pieces velvet suiting, faux fur jackets, satin trousers and silky blouses.

For the past few years I have really wanted to buy a velvet blazer or suit but then I never do as I don’t feel I get enough wear out of it and it’s usually just before Christmas I want something a bit festive or fancy. Now is the time to buy and experiment styling it in different ways. Pair a velvet blazer over a tee and jeans, mix satin trousers with a cropped jumper and trainers. Or throw a faux fur jacket on with leather joggers and a sweatshirt. Mixing all these cool textures together will freshen up your wardrobe and give your basics a new lease of life!

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