Organising kids Stuff

Organising kids Stuff

If like me you’re a constant potterer, re-arranging shelves trying to find a home for each bit or bob, then you’ll know about the joy of storage. Baskets, boxes, bags you name it I’ve got it! With two children storage is essential! Here are some tips on how to keep those toys in check. 

Start with a clear out; I actually need to do a huge clear out of baby toys that just don’t get played with. Lots of charities collect directly from your door now so keep that in mind if you can’t get to the shops with bags of toys. If you have the time then you could also sell them on social media. Also I would do this discreetly, most kids will never want to part with toys even if they don’t play with them!

Try to organise in toy type, blocks in this basket, dolls in this box, Lego here etc. I find this works well and it means kids can find things quickly and tidy up (in theory) quickly too. 

Rotate toys from their bedrooms to their play area downstairs. This gives some variety and prevents them from getting bored easily. I try to mix the toys up around once every few months. 

Finally embrace it and go shopping, when you have children toys are unavoidable and won’t always be easily hidden so just embrace it! We have a bright pink car and toy kitchen that we can’t just pop in a cupboard. Decorative storage becomes part of the room whether that’s a row of colourful baskets a Scandi sideboard or stack of pull out drawers utilise the space that works for you. 

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