Family living space

Family living space

The middle room downstairs at our house has been a room that we didn’t really know what to do with for ages. It’s a 1930s property so it would have originally been a dining room. The house had already been extended when we moved in so the kitchen goes across the back of the house. The previous owners had the middle room between the front living room and kitchen as a dinning room, but having a dining table in the room would have been a waste of space with little ones running around so it’s essentially become a play room for the girls. The room is multi-functional as it also has my office space in the corner and then we have a sofabed in there for when my parents or any other visitors come and stay.

Although it’s main purpose is a play room I still want it to look stylish, as much as possible with toys! When we moved in one of the first purchases I got was the La Redoute rug that now has it’s own Instagram account! This was to cover the floor as there’s no carpets downstairs. After playing around with different furniture and storage we decided that the room would benefit from a sofabed as it meant we would use the space more for family living.  We added in an old tv that we used to have in our bedroom at the old house, which means the kids have a tv they can watch and we can keep the living room tv free of Peppa Pig!

For toy storage we got one of those units from Ikea with the pull out boxes, and the rest of the toys are organised into baskets. The ladder shelf I bought about 5 years ago also comes in so handy for storage.

The desk in the corner is my office set up, which works quite nicely and doesn’t really impact too much on the rest of the room. Above the sofabed we have a gallery wall which I love and will probably add more too!

I’m still planning on what to do on the opposite wall, possibly more shelves or even a mirror. I love the Scandinavian style rattan ones, they’re so retro! Do you have a family living space? style-by-Nic-play-room-post style-by-Nic-family-livingstye-by-mic-family-room

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