Office corner

Office corner

We’ve only been in our house for two years and I think this is the third office set up I have shown you! You can read about the others here and here. But you know how it is, you have to try these things out. As a self confessed potterer who is forever rearranging stuff, I now have a work space set up in the middle room which is also the girls play room. I will share a finished room tour soon.

My area is in the corner, away from all the toys (so many toys)! The desk from Habitat is small and compact with a shelf to hide things away and I have a gold metal wall rack to display postcards and  store things like notebooks. The floor lamp next to the desk is a great alternative to a desk lamp as it doesn’t take up the space on my desk. I also have a box and basket underneath to keep other bits and pieces out of sight. I try and keep things as neat as possible as a small space can get cluttered quite quickly and I find it easier to work if things around me are tidy. The chair is from Ikea and it’s both practical and pretty and it fits in with the rest of the room decor. Do you have a space to work at home?

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