Taking time to be creative

Taking time to be creative

Taking time to be creative or having a hobby is something that I think is really important, especially in today’s society where it’s the norm to be glued to our phones. We spend so much of our time in between our hectic real lives and the time spent on social media that sometimes it can feel like there really isn’t any time for a break. Since I’ve been working again, I definitely feel like time for myself is limited. As soon as I get home I want to spend time with the girls and then it’s bath and bedtime and by the time we’ve had dinner I’m too tired to do anything. I’m very lucky I have a lot of support which allows me to work but life is a juggle and down time is important to give ourselves chance recharge and de-stress each day.

Recently a friend of mine asked if I wanted to come along to a brush lettering workshop, and I thought that’s different and I’ve always fancied doing it, I’ll give it a go! Getting to the workshop and actually sitting and learning and writing in a relaxed, calm environment made it so creative and also therapeutic. It was surprising how much you can learn in a short space of time. I’d love to keep up the brush lettering in order to keep creative and it’s something that’s easy to do, there’s nothing to set up, you simply need a pen and paper! The perfect excuse for a posh notebook I say! Have you got any hobbies you’d like to try? 

Workshop by Sammykins.

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