3 Reasons to try a boiler suit

3 Reasons to try a boiler suit

Jumpsuits have been on our radar for a while now but this spring there’s only one type of jumpsuit that we’re after and that’s the boiler suit. Whether you want to wear it the old school way and have it baggy or whether you want it more fitted to dress up with heels, whatever your style there’s one for you! 

I was on the lookout for a denim one and prefer the fit somewhere in between so after a few try ons I found this Topshop one! It’s real denim so it feels substantial and comfortable, and I know I can wear it pretty much anywhere.

3 reasons to give the boiler suit a try 

Two in one 

Size up or down the beauty of the boiler suit is that you can wear it baggy and oversized or fitted and belted. 

Change up your style 

If you feel stuck in a rut it’s a great alternative to trousers or jeans. If you opt for a lighter fabric and slightly more tailored look it can make a great piece to wear to work. 


Personally I always think about cost per wear and a boilersuit is most definitely worth it! Firstly it’s easy, put it on and you’re done! You can style it with trainers for day or dress it up with heels if you want a more polished look. When it’s chilly you can layer a roll neck underneath or a cardigan on top. 

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