Downstairs bathroom inspiration ideas

Downstairs bathroom inspiration ideas

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When we moved in we were planning the whole potty training thing with Stella so it was amazing to have a downstairs loo! It was pretty basic in terms of decor but the previous owners did leave a cactus on the window sil and I’m pleased to say it’s still going strong! All we have done so far is put up a pic, a new light and taken down a small mirrored cabinet only to reveal some kind of silver paint job underneath. So we now need to repaint the whole thing. I fancied some quirky wallpaper but the loo is situated under the stairs so it might be a bit tricky to do, although maybe on one wall it could work?

We have an antique gold ornate mirror that I haven’t found a proper home for yet so I’m planning on putting it in here as a statement piece. Ideally I would like some gold or brass finishing touches in here and perhaps a new sink.

The floor is just vinyl and although I would prefer tiles I think replacing the vinyl is something that will be budget friendly. Not sure when we’ll get this decorated but it’s on the list for the year so I’ll keep you posted!

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