A new bedroom update

A new bedroom update

We swapped the bedrooms round earlier in the year and I have only just managed to take some pics of our new bedroom, you can see our old room here, and Stella’s new room here. The room has not really had a full revamp  as we swapped rooms just a few months after Beatrix was born and so I’ve kept a lot of the same interior style. The reason we wanted to swap was to give Stella more floor space for her toys etc. and to give us more storage, as this room has lots of built in wardrobes. Although storage is key for us, we are planning on knocking out the wardrobes in the future to create a bigger space as the bedroom layout could look so much better, anyway that’s a much bigger project for the future!

For now we have the bed in pretty much the only place it can go in the room as there’s a bay window one side and wardrobes on the other leaving one wall for the bed to go against. Although the wardrobes and the windows make the room an odd shape I do love the amount of natural light that comes through. In terms of storage, as well as the wardrobes we have this Ikea chest drawers that we bought for the previous bedroom, and to be honest all the storage we have is full! So I will probably do a wardrobe edit soon.




The only new additions really are the light shade which I love as it offers subtle lighting that’s not too bright and the round wall mirror that’s up between the wardrobes. There’s also a little shelf in the alcove where I keep all my make and beauty bits.

Any DIY projects planned for 2019?

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