A work from home wardrobe

A work from home wardrobe

Working from home always sounds like a dream; no commute, no office politics and you can stay in your pyjamas without distractions. Ahh pyjama days, no pressure to get ready in a great outfit, full make up in an attempt to look decent, professional and put together for co workers. Sounds great right? Well the truth is I couldn’t think of anything worse than staying in pyjamas all day to work in. I used to love planning what I would wear to work! I used to wear all my best clothes to the office and I admit that it’s taken me a while to find my style again since working for myself after having a baby. I really miss wearing midi skirts and heels and dresses, but it’s just not that practical for photographing vintage clothes and content for the blog, so I relish the opportunity to get dressed up for an evening or day out. My style has evolved and that’s ok, I’ve never been super glam or way too casual I’m happy somewhere in between.

When I work from home, unless I’m shooting an outfit or something specific I try to be comfortable but still feel a bit stylish so that if I suddenly popped out or bumped into someone I wouldn’t feel like a mess! If I’m wearing jeans and a jumper or tee I’ll usually add a necklace just to feel more accessorised. When I’m bored of jeans I turn  to a high waisted trouser for comfort and simply wear with a t-shirt or sweatshirt to make the trousers less formal looking. The other thing I try to do is put on a little bit of make up, even if I don’t plan on leaving the house, it just makes me feel better. What do you wear when you work from home? Do you having any casual styling tips?




Trousers £17.99 New Look @ asos, sweatshirt £17.99 Zara, trainers £19.99 H&M, clutch bag £35 Stella & Dot

Outfit photography by Margarita Karenko

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