Kitchen update part 2

Kitchen update part 2

Finally I can show you our finished kitchen! This has been a long process, but at last the kitchen cabinets have been painted. The job of painting them took a while as they all needed a couple of coats which Matt did over several weekends. 

We always wanted grey cupboards but didn’t want it to look too dark against a dark floor and black work tops. You can see the kitchen before in this post. We selected kitchen paint from B&Q that was designed to be durable and went for the lightest shade of grey to avoid looking too dark. To get the best finish it’s best to take each door off so you get every inch covered.

I liked the style of our handles but wanted them in antique brass to match the tap. Finding handles the exact same size in brass was quite tricky as we needed the same style in a few different sizes. In the end I just bought a brass spray paint and after a good clean re-sprayed them all. Of course the option to do all this ourselves has meant it has taken a bit longer to complete, but has also been a money saver.


Since my last kitchen post, I’ve added a couple more things, including 4 white kitchen chairs that I picked up at a second hand shop for £50. I also added some plants, (I think I have at least one plant in every room) storage baskets and the geometric table runner is from M&S. I’ve also moved a few other pieces  around like the floor lamp and the drinks tray to fit in the kitchen.

Painting the kitchen cupboards and walls is so simple but it really has made the biggest difference. I would definitely recommend doing it yourself too, if you have the patience that is!


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