Post baby style

Post baby style
After 9 months of dressing the bump, it’s time to tackle the postpartum wardrobe! If you’re a new mum you will know that your body is not quite the same, especially in the first few weeks! Throw hormones and breastfeeding into the mix and getting dressed can be a bit of a nightmare.
My advice hang on to those maternity jeans a little longer! A new pair of great fitting jeans is the next thing on my wish list, but I’m going to wait for my body to slowly get back to normal (whatever normal is these days) so in the mean time I’m still getting use out of my mat jeans.
If you’re breastfeeding at the moment like me then I would definitely recommend investing in a few wrap over tops and dresses. Not only are they flattering on most body shapes but they are easy to feed with. The one I’m wearing is from Next and was just £30! You may have seen it on Instagram so get in quick!
With tops go for loose fit styles so you can easily slip it up for feeding. Oversized shirts are another option for feeding. Plus plenty of camisoles that can be worn under jumpers and cardigans.
Find a few pieces to work with the rest of your wardrobe that you feel confident in as well as comfortable. Enjoy experimenting with your style, whatever your new found shape maybe!

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