3 Vintage pieces for the non vintage girl

3 Vintage pieces for the non vintage girl

(All images are from Pinterest)

For those who have never ventured into the world of vintage, it’s never too late to start exploring! Wearing vintage doesn’t just mean, vintage tea dresses with 1940s hair and make-up, you can be a savvy vintage wearer with clever and simple styling tricks that will still have you looking in line with your own style. These are 3 things that I think anybody can pull off!

A vintage scarf
A vintage scarf is an easy piece to find, you can find them in most charity shops, online vintage shops and of course at markets and fairs. Style as a neck scarf, tie round your wrist or use as a belt on your favourite jeans. Wearing a scarf like this is an easy way to add interest to a simple jeans and tee combo. You could also tie a scarf onto the handle of your favourite tote bag or basket bag; easy peasy! Using a scarf on your bag rather than on yourself means you could go for colours or patterns that you might not usually choose. Try going bright and bold to make statement.

Good coat or jacket
Finding a vintage coat or jacket is definitely an investment opportunity, choosing a vintage garment like a coat needs to be good quality so take your time to look in the right places. Vintage fairs are great places to start, there you can look at the types of styles available and get to know the price range. Then you could always look online for something similar. If you do happen to find a coat or jacket you love and it fits you then snap it up, otherwise somebody else will! Always go for a classic style and colour that will see you through season after season. If you’re looking for a particular designer then always do extra research and ask the seller about authenticity.

Vintage jewellery
Vintage jewellery is one of my favourite things to buy, there’s so much choice out there and it doesn’t really feel like your committing to a big vintage purchase as prices are often reasonable. Stick to costume jewellery if you want more of a fashion piece rather than something you would wear everyday. Places like Etsy are full of independent jewellery sellers with plenty of options. Some even specialise in eras, designers or specifically gold or silver so you can identify the kind styles or eras you like. I like 60s and 70s jewellery, pretty brooches and chunky gold necklaces. Anything goes with jewellery so add a brooch to a lapel or jumper or simply layer pendants over a tee. For something more bling you could choose a statement collar or cocktail ring for a party look.

Hope that’s enticed you a little! Would love to hear about any vintage buys you’ve made recently! Follow my board on Pinterest for more vintage inspiration.

All pics from Pinterest 


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