5 Tips for making more considered wardrobe buys

5 Tips for making more considered wardrobe buys

One thing I’m going to try and do this year is to make more considered purchases when it comes to my wardrobe. Now that I’m coming towards the end of my pregnancy and feeling fed up with maternity clothes and baggy jumpers I’m definitely ready to think about investing in some new pieces for Spring. Although I’m going to try and change my shopping mindset as I don’t want to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe, perhaps just invest more money in quality pieces and consider trying new brands.

At times I’ve been shopping and picked up something amazing from one place that costs £150 and thought I could buy 3 things for that somewhere else. Of course everyone has different budgets when shopping and I’m not saying that shopping for designer pieces is the way forward as I certainly DO NOT have a budget for that, but perhaps if there’s something you really love think about saving up and making the investment, rather than impulse buying for a quick fix. Here are five ways you can make considered purchases in 2018!

1.Clear out and declutter your wardrobe

January is the perfect time of year to tackle your wardrobe, you may have had new clothes for Christmas or new sale buys still in the bags, so you may need to create some space. When it comes to having a clear out, you need to have your current lifestyle in mind. It doesn’t matter if you have only worn it once, or you’re going to loose weight or you might wear it to a wedding, these things are taking up valuable space in your wardrobe, so be ruthless and only make space for the things you love. That way you can see exactly what items you might need, make a list so you’re ready next time you go shopping. Find out more about how to declutter your wardrobe here.

2.Get selling

If you have managed to clear out a fair bit from your wardrobe then you could list a lot on Ebay, depending on it’s condition of course. Selling is simple you just to set aside a bit of time to photograph the items and list them with as much detail as possible. Once sold you’ll then have some money to re-invest!

3.Invest in items you’ll wear all year round

This may be an obvious one but think about those go to pieces you wear day to day or most weekends; jeans, a tailored coat, leather jacket, long sleeve cotton tops, lingerie. Allow yourself to splash out on these items as they’ll last longer if they are well made. You don’t want denim that frays easily or tops that bobble after a few washes, think about items that you want to last and maybe start researching some different brands to see what’s on offer.

 4.Try second hand

I’m not just talking about searching for a bargain on Ebay, although that is always fun, I mean if you’ve been after a designer piece for a while like a bag or boots or something that you would love but just don’t know how to justify the money, then you could always try websites like Verstiaire Collective. There’s hundreds of pre-loved designer items from Chanel bags to vintage jewellery. You can also sell your own designer items on the there.

5. Discover vintage shopping

Investing in something vintage is another great way to add quality to your wardrobe, after all most vintage pieces that are in excellent condition have stood the test of time, but they may have the price tag to go with it, so shop around and get a feel for the vintage pieces you like. Find out more about shopping for vintage here and here. This could be whole new way of shopping for you!

I hope that this post has made you want to invest in some quality items, if you’re still looking for a fix then try spending on smaller items like make up and accessories. Good luck shoppers!


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