Nursery Inspiration

Nursery Inspiration

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With the end of 2017 fast approaching soon it will be time to look ahead to 2018, of course for me that means preparing for another baby! Now into my third trimester I think I’m already in nesting mode, and there’s a few things on the house list that I would like to get finished before our new arrival, one of which is the nursery. Although it’s not completely necessary to have this ready immediately as the baby will be in with us initially, (although our bedroom is another project) but it would be good to get it freshened up. It’s currently a bit of a storage space at the moment for Christmas pressies and washing etc.

The room is a box room and it’s the room I had as my office when we first moved in. It’s a rectangular space but has just enough room for a cot, wardrobe, chest of drawers and also a rocking chair. We don’t need to buy any more furniture as we are going to use Stella’s old nursery furniture, but I would like to go for a slightly different style this time. Last time I wanted a very vintage look using distressed wooden pieces and lots of creams and neurtals, but this time I think it would good to add a pop of colour. Not knowing if we’re having a girl or a boy I think colours like grey, mint green and pastel oranges could be a nice way to brighten up the room but still keep it neutral. Look forward to revealing more on the blog soon. 

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