Styling Christmas with Anthropologie

Styling Christmas with Anthropologie

I think I’ve started to get into Christmas a little early this year, I’m not normally thinking about it until December but I have actually started shopping! Last week I went along to the Anthropolgie store in King’s Road to a Christmas Tree styling event hosted by interior stylist Emily Henson. After being welcomed with mince pies and mulled wine (just flavoured water for me) an informal gathering slowly came together to admire the christmas decor that had been dressed for the evening.

Emily began by telling us a bit about her career as an interiors stylist and then went on to share her top tips for styling a Christmas tree; from where to position your tree to lighting and even how to style underneath if you don’t have presents under the tree.

After the talk, we then had the option to take part in making our own Christmas decorations, to show how easy it could be!

style-by-mic-christmas-tree-stylingstyle-by-Nic-christmas-tree-styling style-by-Nic-styling-xmas style-by-mic-xmas-tree-styling-emily-henson

A run down of Emily’s tips

Do an edit of your Christmas decorations and think about what colour scheme you want, you don’t always have to use the same each year, build a collection and pick and choose!

Stock up on plain baubles to go on first and then add your more unique and interesting decorations later.

Add more lighting, deep into the tree branches and then finish off with your chosen pretty lights on top.

Try placing lights vertically on the tree for a different look and avoid getting tangled by wrapping them round and round.

Get crafting with simple ideas, like covering baubles in fabric or using metallic paint on dried pine cones.

Involve the whole family with easy to make decorations and build yourself an eclectic set of decorations to use year after year!

style-by-mic-xmas-tree-styling-anthropologie   style-by-Nic-xmas Style-by-Nic-xmas-tree-styling style-by-Nic-christmas-tree-stylingStyle-by-Nic-christmas-tree-styling

You can read Emily’s blog here. What’s your Christmas decor style?

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