A new office space

A new office space

Since our holiday last month we’ve been busy with a few house updates, and of course my office is now going to become a nursery for our new arrival in March. I have tried to declutter and edit down what I can into a smaller space in our living room. I have downsized my desk to this small Habitat one and managed to organise my camera stuff and paperwork into white Ikea storage boxes.

The lovely wooden desk I had in my last office post is still upstairs as I need to find a new home for it, perhaps a dressing table? Still working on ideas for the bedroom – that’s another room on the list. Back to desks, I found this Habitat one that has more of a scandi, modern feel and it’s the perfect size for one of the alcoves in our living room. I didn’t want the desk area to take up too much space, but it seems to work well without taking too much focus in the room. The desk also has a storage shelf underneath which is handy and keeps things that I need access too out of sight. I’ve only put up one picture next to my desk, but I may add more prints as a little inspration corner.

Although the office set up is in the living room, it still feels separate to the rest of my home. The things on my desk are kept to a minimum with no clutter meaning I can switch off, and not think about to do lists. If I do happen to do some work on an evening, then it feels nice and cosy being downstairs in the living room. You can see the rest of my living room make over here. Do you have a dedicated office space at home?

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