Keeping it classic

Keeping it classic

Every time there’s a transitional period in fashion there are a few wardrobe heroes that I always rely on to see me through to the next season. Especially between summer and autumn, although I’ve already picked out my winter coat, obviously it’s way too early to start wearing it (even though it is pretty chilly today)! Now into September, this is my favourite part of the year. I always feel like this is the best time to start a fresh, to try something new and changing over our wardrobe is part of that. I thought I would dedicate this post to highlighting a few of my favourite wardrobe staples that are perfect for those transitional weeks.


The leather jacket

One item I cannot live without is my leather biker jacket, I got this Whistles one for my 30th birthday and like most good quality leather it just gets better with age. At first I was quite weary about wearing such an expensive piece day to day but it’s the one jacket that pretty much goes with everything, so the more I wore it the better it looked and the better the fit. I love wearing a leather jacket like this thrown over something really feminine, just to give it an edge, a pretty blouse or floral dress. It’s also the perfect jacket to take you from day to evening and gives you that look that you’ve not tried too hard but you still look effortless. My advice, this is one thing I would urge you to invest in!

Classic blue wash jeans

A blue wash jean is something that never dates, it seems to be the perfect colour to compliment any item in your wardrobe. Not too dark, not too light that way they go perfectly with black and white too. The jeans I’m wearing are maternity ones from H&M (YES I’m in mat clothes already, second time around bump seems to pop out much quicker).

White blouse

A white blouse is the perfect go to item when you want something that’s effortless. Whether it’s for work or lunch with friends a white blouse with a small detail like lace or a pretty collar will make you feel more done than a basic top and jeans.

Black tote

I know this one is not as exciting, but sometimes keeping it simple is best. A black tote or shopper bag is great for holding all those extras that you can’t necessarily fit in a clutch or mini shoulder bag. In my case, as a mum to a toddler it’s practical to store nappies, wipes and snacks but still looks chic.


Early autumn is usually still mild so we can hold off on winter boots for a few more weeks. For most of us our sandals have become battered and bruised from our summer adventures and we need something that says we’re ready for the new season. Flats like loafers or ballet style pumps are a comfy alternative to trainers if you want something that’s not too casual.

Breton top

Although I’m not wearing one in this post I thought the Breton stripe tee deserves a mention, it’s a piece that I wear all year round. It’s simple, chic and perfect for all! Try styling one this season with a mustard yellow or red scarf for a nod to AW.

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