Tips for holiday packing

Tips for holiday packing

As I write this post it I am sitting at my desk, in mid August, wrapped in a blanket, drinking a hot chocolate and listening to the rain hammering at the window. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for jetting off somewhere hot then I don’t know what will. We’ve booked to go away to Lanzarote next month and I am very excited, it’s our first time abroad since having Stella and I just know she is going to love it. I’m sure like me, many of you are on count down to your own holidays so I thought I would share a few of my packing tips!

Don’t over pack

This is easier said than done! I know that you have probably bought a whole new summer wardrobe and you want to take everything just for a week or two away! The simple solution is to plan your outfits for each day and night. This is something I’ve always done when going away and I almost always get to wear everything I planned to wear. If you are going to a hot climate then the chances are you probably don’t need to wear too much during the day apart from a bikini, as long as you have a comfortable cover up for the pool/beach bar. There may also be day trips or markets to visit, depending on where you’re travelling to so you may want to factor in outfits for that kind of thing. You may also need to consider appropriate attire for outside of the resort, depending on location so do your research before hand.

Back to outfit planning, I would try to double up on some of your evening outfits for daytime once you’ve worn them. A slip dress with statement jewellery and wedges can also work as your beach cover up.

Not too many shoes

Shoes are likely to be the heaviest things in your luggage, so ideally I would say 5 pairs as a maximum and wear your heaviest ones to the airport. Try packing them in dust bags or a dust bag so that they don’t dirty any white summer tops or dresses!

Minimise accessories

When it comes to accessories don’t go mad, I recommend taking a few key statement pieces of jewellery for evening looks and one or two bags, plus a beach bag. A string or woven bag is ideal for packing as it can be be packed flat, if you want to take something more structured then I would suggest you carry it as your hand luggage ¬†on the plane or if it fits in your suitcase then pack inside it with clothes and items that won’t crease easily. Pack your jewellery in a separate pouch and slip it into one of your bags, anywhere you can save space is effective.

Consider your travelling outfit

It’s important to think about what you’ll be wearing to go and to come home in. I always find I’m so cold on flights so I usually take a pair of socks in my bag and have an oversized scarf with me that can double up as a blanket. I think layers are essential, my basic outfit is usually jeans with a vest or tee and a lightweight jumper. Plus you could be arriving back in the UK in the early hours of the morning and you want something warmer than your pool side attire to come home in.

Hope those packing tips were useful, happy holidays!

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