Tips for vintage shopping online

Tips for vintage shopping online

If you’re a vintage fan but can’t wait until the next vintage fair, shopping online for vintage is not as scary as it may seem. When you’re shopping for vintage I understand that part of the experience is about the touch and feel of the clothes or even finding out a little bit about the history of the piece, but with vintage fashion so easily accessible these days there are so many places where you can now shop for vintage. Sites like Asos marketplace and Etsy offer you access to a number of sellers from all over the globe, with competitive prices too you can often find great deals online. You can also find vintage shops and sellers on Depop, Facebook and Instagram.

Be inspired

Firstly find inspiration online via sites like Pinterest or look for stylish looks on Instagram by using hashtags like #vintagefashion or #vintagestyle and you might find a shop you love. Sometimes seeing vintage items put together on somebody can inspire you to think of things you currently have in your wardrobe that could work with a vibrant vintage scarf or a vintage trophy jacket. Start a board or collection to save all your favourite looks or items and you will start to see the kind of vintage styles or era that you’re drawn to. Great if you’re not really sure where to start!

Communication with seller

When shopping online, you’re not only relying on good quality pics but also the key information that sellers provide, such as measurements, decade, if the item is damaged or discoloured in any way. If there’s something you can’t quite tell from a photo or description then don’t be afraid to contact the seller directly and ask them for further information.

Check the returns policy

Always find out about a returns policy, sizing up vintage is one thing, but because many items will not be the same as your average high street size you may find that you need to send items back after trying them on. Don’t assume you have the standard month to return something, depending on where your seller is based you may have to double check their shop polices. These should be listed on the seller’s page on Etsy or Asos marketplace.

Shop around

The beauty of online shopping is the amount of choice there is! Although on sites like Etsy the postage will apply to the individual seller rather than everything in your basket. But often if you buy more than one thing from someone then a postage fee can often be negotiated. Another tip for shopping online is charities, not only do they have stores but some such as Oxfam have a dedicated vintage section for shoppers!

Hope you found those tips helpful & good luck on your search for vintage! You can shop my Etsy shop here.




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